This is the long version of the opening theme I did for season 3 and a video I edited together from several episodes.  For the arrangement, I used a Hammond B-3 sample on the infamous 10 notes, added some percussion elements and my ’76 Strat playing through my Mesa Twin Rectifier with a bit of slapback echo.  Most of the strange buzzes and bleeps are samples from my now defunct Prophet 5.
Alton Brown & I worked together back in the early ‘90’s for a film production here in Atlanta called Jayan Films where we collaborated on several projects.
His twisted sense of humor definitely fit with mine ( I can still remember watching Ren & Stimpy in the break room howling over Powdered Toast Man) and we continued to work together after his departure.
Although I was familiar with his gastronomical expertise (from our company camping trips!) I was taken aback when I bumped into he and his wife at a local restaurant and he told me that he was giving up directing and moving to Vermont to attend a culinary institute.  
A few years later I get a phone call from Alton asking me if I’d like to help him with the pilot he had shot of a concept for a new cooking show, and the rest is history.  The original pilot was one hour long and shot on film (it is now the “Steak Your Claim” show, albeit in edited form) and I was completely stunned at how natural Alton was in FRONT of the camera.
200 episodes later I can honestly say I still have as much fun working on the show as I did the first one.
Good Eats
Music, Sound Design, and Mix for Broadcast