European vs Asian Handicaps

Handicap bets are placed when there are clear underdogs and favourites. The idea is that the playing field is levelled out, and betting results are harder to predict. Points are added to the underdog’s starting total, to give them a fair shot at winning and deducted from the favourite’s total for the same reason.

For example, in the Bronze Final of the 2019 Rugby World Cup New Zealand was the clear favourite and Wales was the underdog. By adding points to the Welsh total and taking them off the All Blacks’ total before kick-off, bookmakers were able to maintain competitive markets.

You may understand the basic concept of handicap betting, but be wondering about what European handicapping and Asian handicapping are. Learn how the systems work and the differences between them, so you can easily interpret betting offers and decide on the best options for you.

How Handicapping Works

To illustrate handicapping, consider the hypothetical example below using a match between Liverpool and Inter Milan Football Clubs.

Imagine that the handicap is Inter Milan +2.5, or Liverpool -2.5. That means that for The Reds to win, they need to score at least 3 goals. Even if the game ended Liverpool 2-0 Inter Milan, those who had bet on The Black and Blues would win and get paid out.

If you know that the underdogs will be able to play well enough to hold onto their starting point advantage, they’re the team you should back. If you don’t think this is the case, you should put your money on the favourites. As you can see, you really need to have good understanding of the teams and players involved before you place a handicap bet.

Difference in the Draw

Where Asian and European handicaps differ is in what happens if a handicapped match ends in a draw. Consider the same theoretical match between Inter Milan and Liverpool, but with a bet of Inter Milan +2, or Liverpool -2.

If the final score on the field is 2-0 to Liverpool, the sides have drawn as far as your bet is concerned. Asian handicapping refunds draw results, while European handicapping does not. To balance this advantage, the payouts on an Asian handicapped wager might be lower.

Two-Way Handicaps

Since Asian handicapping allows for the possibility of a draw, you can place a slightly more complicated, two-part wager. If the handicap says Milan +1.0, +1.5 your bet is divided into two, with half going on the prediction that Inter Milan will win, lose or draw by less than 1 goal, and the other half going on the prediction that they will win, lose or draw by less than 1.5 goals.

If the results are Liverpool 1-0 Inter Milan, the Italians have lost by 1. The first half of your bet was a draw, and the second half was a win. You’ll be refunded the first part of your stake, and will win on the second half. this makes legal sports betting easy especially on soccer matches . This is a good idea if you’re not sure how the squads will perform, and you want to split your risk.