iPad Games Baccarat for the Modern Man

Baccarat’s popularity these days in both online and land based casino’s can almost certainly be attributed to it being featured in a number of James Bond movies, alluding to the high roller status this game conjures to mind. However, with more and more people embracing the thrill of this unique game, along with it being adapted to pair seamlessly with modern technology, means it can be added to your arsenal of iPad games baccarat has taken a leap into the 21st century!

Download and No Download Options Available

As with many other iPad games baccarat can be played using the downloadable app format or through the web browser quite easily and at your convenience. Many people believe the downloadable format truly optimizes the game for your iPad, making full use of the operating power and superior graphics, but with a steady Internet connection, both formats of the iPad games baccarat can be played with equally good graphics and quality of play.

The major advantage of downloading the app to your iPad is the option to pause the game to resume later, as well as keeping your favourite version at hand for ease of access. You can also play offline to get your engines going before playing for some real winnings. The no download format can be used to test out a few versions before committing to your very own IPad games baccarat icon, right on your desktop!

The Three Main Versions of Baccarat

Within the world of iPad games Baccarat comes in three main variations. The first, namely Punto Banco, requires no real skill so it’s up to the luck of the draw to determine whether or not you’ve won. You either bet on yourself or the dealer to win the hand and the rest is up to fate. In the second and third variations of the game baccarat, Chemin de Fer and Baccarat Banque, a player with a good strategy can possibly influence the outcome. Baccarat Banque however is very rare to find so we will be focusing on the most popular variation, Chemin de Fer.

How to Play Baccarat

The rules of the online baccarat in Canada are quite simple. The objective is to get a point total as close to nine as possible, with all picture cards having no value and an ace equalling one point. Before the cards are dealt from the deck, otherwise known as the shoe, the player must place a bet on a win from either themselves or the dealer, or alternatively a tie between the two.

The winning bet will usually result in a two to one pay out on the initial bet, but correctly betting on a tie can result in a much higher pay out, often around nine times the bet. Thus you can tailor your play to suit your budget and playing style, whether you’d rather making a few large bets or a number of smaller ones.

If the total of your initial two cards is more than nine, for example if you are dealt a six and a nine, the number used to determine a win is the rightmost number of the sum of the cards, in this instance 5 from the total of fifteen. Another card can also be requested for smaller totals such as an ace and a two.

Get Started Right Away

A worthy addition to your iPad games Baccarat is definitely here to stay! A quick Google search will offer you some quality online providers.