Latest Overview of Stardust Resort and Casino

Located on the world-famous Las Vegas Strip in Winchester, Nevada, the Stardust Resort and Casino operated between 1958 and 2007, when it was imploded. The hotel and casino was originally built and completed by John Factor but changed hands many times during the course of its history.

Sporting an outer space theme and one of the most notable Las Vegas casino signs at the time, the Stardust Resort and Casino offered a wide variety of guest facilities, including more unusual additions like a drive-in movie theatre, on-site car rentals, and a proprietary NASCAR racing track.

Implosion and New Future Construction Plans

The Stardust Resort and Casino was officially closed on 1 November of the year 2006, and the building was demolished in March of 2007 during an implosion ceremony. The owner of the Stardust’s property, Boyd Gaming, started the construction of a new hotel and casino on the land in 2007, with plans to call the new establishment Echelon Place.

However, construction of Echelon Place was never completed due to financial troubles, and instead the Genting Group purchased the land from Boyd Gaming in 2013. Genting Group has current plans to build and open a new casino by 2018 under the name Resorts World, a hotel and casino combination with an Oriental theme.

The History of Stardust Resort and Casino

The Stardust Resort and Casino was originally conceptualised by Tony Cornero, who also began construction of the building in 1955 on the previous site of the defunct Royal Nevada hotel. However, Cornero’s death halted construction until John Factor acquired the land and finished building the establishment.

The Stardust Resort and Casino officially opened on July 2, 1958, and its opening was attended by various influential guests such as US senators, governors and Hollywood stars. At its time of opening, some of the Stardust’s most notable features were its 1,250 square metre hotel lobby, a casino that spanned over 1,500 square metres in total, and the 32 metre Big Dipper swimming pool.

Historical Resort and Casino Developments

Soon after its opening, the Stardust Resort and Casino took over the defunct Royal Nevada Hotel, which resided on the same property. The hotel was converted into a large convention centre for the Stardust, and another portion was dedicated to a new salon prive for the Stardust’s high rollers, which operated from 1959 to 1964 and housed casino high rollers and the Stardust Resort and Casino’s showgirls.

A year later in 1965, the Stardust Resort and Casino began operation of its own Stardust International Raceway, which attracted races like the USAC Championship Car Series to its track in Spring Valley.

Stardust Resort and Casino Renovations

Renovations again occurred in 1964, changing the layout of the hotel and casino, and the establishment would later be renovated again in 1977 and 1991.  A more refined outer space theme was incorporated in 1977, while 1991 saw the inclusion of a new 32-storey tower and a larger casino complex.

After the renovations in 1991, the Stardust Resort and Casino offered 1,552 hotel rooms, over 7,900 square metres of casino floor space and unique amenities like onsite car rental facilities, 9 different eateries, a fitness centre, a 3,700 square metre exhibit area, a race and sports book facility, shops, a spa and a Stardust wedding chapel.