Merlins Millions SuperBet Option

As might be expected from the name of the game, Merlins Millions is based on the famous wizard called Merlin, and some of his adventures with King Arthur. This online slots game has a number of features, which add to the entertainment factor and chance of a winning result.

Merlin is the actual wild symbol of the game. Experienced players will know that the wild symbol is able to substitute for all other symbols, except for the scatter symbol, and in this case, the owl symbol. It should be noted that the Merlin wild symbol will only ever show up on reels 2, 3 and 4.

The Superbet Feature is an interesting addition to this slots game. On the right hand side of Merlins Millions game interface, there is an option to select a multiplier of the next win. This can potentially result in a player increasing their winnings quite dramatically. It is optional for players to use the SuperBet option, and so it is really up to the player to decide whether they would like to take the risk which could potentially result in bigger winnings.

Free Spins with Merlins Millions

Merlins Millions offers a free spins round to players. If a player is able to get three magical orbs to appear anywhere on the game, the player will be awarded 5 free spins.  Free spins are always useful to try and increase winnings, and so players generally do quite enjoy getting free spins in any form. This game has attempted to add some interest to the free spins round by adding in an extra twist. If Merlin appears, the game will randomly turn certain symbols into wild symbols. It is also possible for a player to retrigger the free spins round, and then get more opportunities to win.

If players are able to get three owl icons to appear on any of the lines in Merlins Millions, the Pick Me feature will be activated. Every reel will then change into a whole number of owl symbols. Players are able to keep picking from the 20 owls and keep winning while doing this. Once a player lands on or opens up the collect message which has been hidden underneath one of the owl symbols, this will end the Pick Me feature, until it is reactivated at a later stage.

Merlins Millions Jackpot

Merlins Millions is available at many online casinos. The game is actually available in free or no deposit mode, as well as in real money mode. Any player can start playing the no deposit and no download version of the online slots game without too many hassles. The free version is a good way to just give the game and try, and to see how it all works.

Of course if a player is looking at actually playing with the hope of winning a real money jackpot, then they will need to play the real money version of the game. In order to do this, a player must register with the online casino that is offering this game, and then make a deposit into their virtual account. A player can use this deposit to get coins to use for playing.