The Summer Olympics at a Glance for Punters

The Summer Olympics is a traditional sporting event that is held every four years since its inception in 1896.

This sporting spectacle attracts top athletes from all over the world, with intense qualifying sessions and a round up of pre game qualifiers based on stringent adherence to cut off times.

The Summer Olympics adhere to strict protocols; only athletes at their peak are given the opportunity to represent their country in the prestigious sporting affair.

The Summer Olympics hosts athletes from around the globe in a multiplicity of sporting events. The games include track and field, swimming, hockey, archery, basketball, gymnastics, canoeing, cricket and a wide variety of other disciplines are part of the tournaments format.

With numerous sporting events occurring daily, broadcast live around the globe, the Summer Olympic Games are notoriously popular for sports enthusiasts that dabble in wagering on the games.

History of the Summer Olympics

The inception of the Summer Olympics is rooted in Athens. From 6-15 April 1896 Athens hosted an international sporting event that gained enormous popularity and today has seen growth as the planets most prestigious honour in the sporting domain.

Featuring just fourteen nations, the Games of the Olympiad in Athens attracted 245 participants. Most of which were Greek, interestingly enough America dominated the medals table with Greece trailing in second place.

Wagering on the Summer Olympics

With a multiplicity of sporting disciplines to wager on, the Summer Olympics is in no short supply of wagering possibilities, with favourites being as follows;

Wagering on futures is common within the Summer Olympics. A prediction into the future is made. In this instance you would for example make a prediction as to which country will obtain the most gold medals. This can be done for silver and bronze medal tallies alike.

Wagering on outright winners is also a popular favourite. In this wagering option select the athlete you believe will win an event. It is important to research athletes competing in various events in order to develop a wagering strategy so that more valuable wagers can be placed with the help of ore existing knowledge.

The Summer Olympics is not limited to a distinct set of wagering options. With a multitude of games encompassing various disciplines, wagering possibilities are nearly infinite. It is important to understand the odds and probability of the outcome.

Wagering On the Summer Olympics

Understanding the Wager

Nearly all sports wagering works on an implied probability to odds formula. This means the odds given on a certain wager reflect the probability of the outcome. By these standards, punters at in quest of sports wagering should research the given bookies wagering structure.

A popular structure is decimal odds. Represented as 100% divided by the chance, which equals the wagering odds.

Therefore if an athlete is said to have a 75% chance at winning an event the odds are at 1.33.

Identifying Legitimate Wagering Institutions

Legitimate Bookkeepers will be officially licensed and allowed to trade within the specific region. These sites will display this licensing information on the website. Highly regarded bookies will have been written about within player forums, it is a useful tool to read through other peoples one on one experience wit a certain institution.