What is a Casino Bonus Without Deposit?

Casino bonuses were first offered by brick and mortar casinos in order to draw players and non-players through their doors. When casinos grew popular online, they also had to offer certain bonuses and promotions in order not only to attract new players, but to keep their existing ones loyal and possibly persuade players from other casinos to become members there. A casino bonus without deposit is one way that online casino achieve this.

How does a No Bonus Without Deposit Work?

Also called a no deposit bonus, a casino bonus without deposit is offered to new players when they sign up or create an account with the casino. This is done right at the beginning before the player gets to play any casino games for real money. Once you have created your account, the online casino will give you certain amount of free real money or casino credits to play games with. This amount is not usually very much, it is just aimed at letting you whet your appetite for what the casino offers.

Certain games will be on offer to play with your no deposit bonus. Not all of the casinos full games catalogue will be available to you. This is don’t so that you will deposit money into your account should you like what the casino is offering.

Rules Regarding No Deposit Bonuses

All bonuses without deposit come with a set of terms and conditions, as do most things in life these days. These rules are there to protect both you and the casino from unscrupulous players who are just out to make a quick buck. When casinos first began to offer these no deposit bonuses people would sign up, receive their money and leave. Due to this casinos now make sure that the casino bonus without deposit goes back into the casino.

Most of the no deposit bonuses will come with a wager requirement. This is basically the amount of times that you have to play the money that the casino has given to you. Some casinos have higher wager requirements than others. Make sure that when you are choosing your Casino bonus without deposit you choose one which is not too high or too strict.

Sticky or Cash Bonuses

A sticky bonus is one which sticks to the casino which has given it to you. These have to be spent only in that particular casino and cannot be transferred to anywhere else. Often these will come in the form of casino credits instead of real money. Real money bonuses will come in the form of currency. These are not sticky and can be eventually drawn out provided you have met the requirements such as the wager requirement.

How to Get a Casino Bonus Without Deposit

To be able to qualify for a Casino bonus without deposit you will need to create an account with an online, real money casino. To do this you will most likely need to provide proof of ID and possibly a credit card. You will definitely have to have a bank account. Online casinos are quite strict with how they allow people to create accounts with them in the Philippines. This is due to national gambling laws.