What Is The Legal Age For Entering A Casino?

The age at which a person is legally allowed to gamble differs based on the country in which you reside. It can be anywhere from sixteen to twenty one, depending on the country in question, and may even differ depending on the specific area of country. Gambling is even still out rightly banned in some countries, with steep fines issued for even owning gambling chips. In Australia, the legal gambling age is eighteen, and this law should be adhered to by any responsible person. How easy, though, is it to enforce gambling laws in a world where online gambling is the norm?

Enforcing Gambling Laws

In the old days, when gambling was an activity participated in by being physically present, it was not very difficult to enforce Casino laws. One simply had to ask for valid identification. Today, however, with thousands of online gambling options available, it has become considerably more difficult to prevent underage youths gambling. In most cases, simply clicking the button which states that the player is eighteen is enough, which begs the question as to how much underage gambling is actually going on. Thankfully, there is a distinct difference between playing poker for real money, and playing for fun.

Free Versus Real Money Gambling

To be clear, the games of poker and blackjack themselves are not what are being restricted. The police cannot burst into your house and fine you for simply picking up a deck of cards and playing game of online blackjack in Canada. What is restricted is the act of entering a casino and participating in a game of poker that has gambling attached. These reasonable rules, of course, although implemented only fairly recently in many parts of the world, include online gambling in all its forms.

Restricting Youths From Casinos

You may be thinking that it is virtually impossible to restrict a youth from online gambling, and in some ways this is indeed true. But, reputable online bingo NZ casinos do take steps to prevent youths from gambling. Details of every player are taken, including name and address. Plus, a terms and conditions form is agreed to. This means that if a player is exposed as being underage, they will face criminal charges and have all winnings confiscated. Responsible online casinos take these laws very seriously, as an establishment knowingly allowing an underage person to gamble is likewise liable for legal action.

Preventing Your Children From Gambling Illegally

It goes without saying that, if you have an online casino account, the details should be kept private. This not only ensures that your account remains secure, but prevents youths from using the account without your permission. It is also very important to never leave a casino account logged in, as any person who comes along after you may use your account. Click the logout option when you are done. And, it is also wise to not select any option that automatically enters the account details, such as the ‘remember me’ box. Be sure to also link your bank account to your phone, so that any transactions occurring send an instant notification message.