Yo-leven in Craps

Craps is a dice game where a player makes bets based on how a pair of dice will fall on a pair of a dice, on a roll or on multiple rolls. There are two basic types of craps. The first is where one player will wager against another player – this is known as shooting dice, street craps or rolling dice. The second is where a player rolls the dice against a bank. This is known as table craps, casino craps, or sometimes just craps. Yo-leven is most often associated with bank craps because of the betting system that is in place and the large number of people around the table.

In bank craps, the player will make bets on a table. The table has a felt top with available bets showing the different possibilities that the dice could land on any given throw. These layouts can be different from casino to casino but most are very similar. The table shape is roughly of that of a bathtub and will be about 14 feet long, 28 inches off of the floor and roughly 5 feet wide. Along one of the long sides of the table is the casino’s bank. The player will be able to see chips stacked 20 high. The dollar amount associated with these chips reaches into the thousands. Across from this stack of chips, on the opposite side of the table, is an angled mirror. The “U” sections of the table offer betting areas and there’s usually space for around 8 people to sit or stand. This is the area where the dice is rolled into. The walls of this area are covered with a pyramid shaped rubber lining than helps to randomly bounce the dice back once they have been thrown against it.

There are four people who run the table – each of them an employee of the casino. The first of these employees is the boxman. He or she sits behind the bank and watches the dealers, the chips, and exchanges chips for players who want a different denomination. The second and third employees are the base dealers. One base dealer stands to the left of the boxman while another dealer stands on the right of the boxman. They are there to pay bets and collect bets from the players on either side of the table. The final employee at the table is the stickman. He stands opposite the boxman and collects and pays bets from the table’s centre as well as telling all present the result of each roll of the dice.

Names of Rolls

There are many different names for rolls in online bingo Canada craps. They are often given unique names so they are not confused with other rolls. This is important in a betting game where money is at stake. These roll names include snake eyes, ace deuce, easy four, five, easy six, natural, hard four, easy eight, nine, hard eight, easy ten, yo-leven and boxcars. Yo-leven is said instead of eleven because eleven could be heard as seven.

Odds of Yo-leven

Betting yo-leven is a high risk and high reward bet because out of the thirty six combinations that a player can roll, there are only two which will result in an eleven. That is less than a six percent chance. If the player does win, they will be rewarded with 15 to 1 odds.